Yuan Yuan

Head of Regional Hub China at Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

    Yuan leads GRI’s activities in the Greater China Region and advances reporting at the regional level, responds to the needs of local stakeholders, builds capacity and value, and encourages the flow of knowledge and participation from the regions into GRI’s global network and activity.

    After joining GRI in early 2013, Yuan has managed and supported a variety of GRI’s global and regional projects such as GRI’s linkage documents projects with local reporting guides and requirements and a research report on the Sustainable Development of Chinese Enterprises Overseas. Yuan manages governmental and corporate relations of GRI in the Greater China Region, as well as partnership with key stakeholders such as stock exchanges, governmental organizations, industrial associations, and etc. for policy innovation and upgrading. Since 2015, Yuan has been working closely with GRI’s network in the Greater China Region, guiding companies in taking a strategic approach to the SDGs, enhancing their contribution to sustainable development through core business activities, and accelerating corporate reporting on the SDGs, Target 12.6 Tracker for example.

    Yuan holds a BA and MSc in International Relations from Leiden University in the Netherlands. Prior to joining GRI, Yuan has taken research roles at Fair Labor Association on labor rights in emerging markets, and the Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael on resources governance in African countries and corporate social responsibility norms.