Yang Sungwon

Intrapreneur at Australia Post

    Sungwon studied Management Information Systems, Commerce and Entrepreneurship in universities in 3 different countries – Korea, Singapore and the United States. In Korea, Sungwon took his childhood dream job seriously, became a fire fighter and led an 18-persons team as a Sergeant.

    He co-founded an award-winning media startup, Haple, during his second year at university. The company’s patented business model was first of its kind in the industry in Korea. The company offered customised and web-based radio shows, which allowed individuals and businesses to purchase celebrities’ available timeslots at a competitive rate.

    After leaving his startup, Sungwon moved to Australia and became a Management Consultant at KPMG. He advised various companies from startups, not-for- profits to Fortune 500. Thereafter, Sungwon took on the role of an intrapreneur. He won the firm’s national innovation competition and founded a successful digital venture that automates compliance processes in international trades for importers and exporters. Furthermore, he founded TEDxKPMGSydney, TEDxKPMGMelbourne and other corporate ventures.

    Sungwon co-founded another startup called Officiser – a patent-pending ergonomic footrest that offers both health and productivity benefits for those with sedentary lifestyle. He introduced it through Kickstarter and successfully raised funding.

    Sungwon worked as an Innovation & Leadership Coach at MIT Bootcamps, Massachusetts Institute of Technology after studying Entrepreneurship at the institution. He is currently an intrapreneur at Australia Post. He leads development of company’s digital ventures within the online shopping industry.