Steven Jarding

Lecturer in Public Policy,Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Steve Jarding, Lecturer in Public Policy, is an American and international educator, lecturer, writer, and political consultant. He has taught at the Kennedy School since 2004 where his teaching has been recognized as “exemplary” by Kennedy School alumni, and where his course on campaign management has twice been nominated for the “Most Influential Course Award.” In 2016, Jarding was voted Teacher of the Year by the Kennedy School student body.

In addition, for the past seven years, Jarding has also been teaching at the IESE Business School in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain and for the past several years he has been teaching political campaign management and media training techniques to participants in the RAPS organization in Brazil and in the Aspire program in Romania. In addition to his teaching, Jarding is the founding partner and CEO of the international consulting company, SJB Strategies International which advises candidates and causes and offers communication training to presidents and prime ministers as well as other elected officials, business leaders, and political organizers around the world. He has lectured or consulted in over 25 countries in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. In addition, over a 40-year career, Jarding has managed and worked on numerous statewide and national campaigns in the United States including an impressive list of winning US Senate and gubernatorial races.

Jarding is co-author of the book, “Foxes in the Henhouse” published by Simon and Shuster in 2006 and the author of the “American” chapter on political advertising in the 2017 international textbook, “Handbook on Political Advertising”. He has also served as communications director and senior advisor to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in Washington, D.C. In 1996 Roll Call magazine named Jarding one of the “50 most influential” political people in Washington” and in 2002, The New York Times Magazine profiled Jarding as someone who wins races in places he is not supposed to win. In November 2012, the Financial Times of London profiled Jarding and his cutting-edge methods of teaching campaign management techniques to students in America and around the world.

Jarding has also been a Fellow at the Harvard Institute of Politics and a Fellow at the Congressional Studies Center at the University of Oklahoma where he received his Master’s Degree in Government. He holds a BA degree from the University of South Dakota.