Sophie Holm

Project Lead, Incubator & Accelerator of R3 / Delivery Manager in Trade Finance of Marco Polo

    Sophie Holm is Project Lead at the incubator and accelerator at R3. She currently leads one of the largest trade finance projects called Marco Polo. Marco Polo is a trade finance industry initiative involving some of the large financial institutions, logistics, ERP providers and enterprise technology firms TradeIX and R3. She started her career at R3 in business development in January 2017, but quickly moved into the role as a project lead.

    Prior to joining R3 she worked in management consulting focusing on corporate strategy for the retail industry. Her interest in blockchain started when she did her dissertation thesis as a case study for Nordea
    in 2016 to determine the critical dependencies for production.

    Sophie holds a degree in Finance and Strategic Management from Copenhagen Business School.