Shauna Lee Sexsmith

Senior Consultant of UNITAR / Former Management Consult of Department of Education / Former NYU Career Coach

    Shauna is the Program Manager, MENA/Asia for the World Education Foundation, and a Senior Consultant for the public and private sectors, e.g. UNITAR’s Multilateral Diplomacy Program, New York City Department of Education, European Technology Training Center, and the Kurdistan Regional Government of Northern Iraq, with seven years of experience helping develop executive leadership capabilities.

    Since 2016, Shauna has been working across Korea, Myanmar and the Kurdistan Region of Northern Iraq, collaborating with governments, institutions and organizations in integrating leadership development, innovation and social impact for purpose-led growth.

    Previously, Shauna was a consultant in New York City, focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Process Innovation. She works at ensuring leaders and teams meet complexity, emergent change and technological innovation with a more networked and collaborative environment.

    Shauna attended New York University, Bard College and Western University.