Seo Sangyoon

2nd Director of International Affairs at Seoul Bar Association

    Sang Yoon Seo is a passionate and dedicated attorney as well as an innovative and sociable entrepreneur with practical expertise in international business and legal disputes resolution as an IT guru. He has also keen senses in business strategies and government regulations of a start-up business along with his considerable experiences in IT industry. He has carried out 20 years of management leadership to preventing the potential risks and achieving major growth goals and organizational transformation. Especially, he has been highly committed to be a catalyst for positive strategic change that stresses business growth, promotes innovative movements, and enhances the loyalties of employees.

    Since 2011, he has spearheaded the strategic collaboration of “Global Business Initiative to legal supports for new technology startup companies” and this initiative has made lots of distinguished legal professionals involved to participate in the movements, which has led to found the Global Business Support Center in 2013, the International IP ADR Center(IIPAC) in 2014, Sosongbee Inc. in 2015 and ADR Services in Korea(ASK) in 2017. He also has served as the 2nd director of international affairs at the Seoul Bar Association and the international affairs committee member at the Korean Bar Association as well as the regular member of DC Bar in Washington D.C.

    He earned an LLM degree from Northwestern School of Law and a BE degree from Seoul National University.