SangMyung Choi

Director of Hauri Inc. / Adviser to South Korean Police and National Intelligence Service

    SangMyung Choi is the Chief of the CERT in Hauri, Inc. and the team leader of the Security Intelligence Research Team. He has mainly conducted case studies regarding malware and vulnerability analysis. He is also very interested in Cyber warfare. So, in 2008 he founded IssueMakersLab and CWIC(Cyber Warfare Intelligence Center): a group that conducts research about Cyber warfare, and is currently running it.

    He is an adjunct professor of convergent service of security department at SoonChunHyang University, also he is a mentor of B.o.B.(department of KITRI for training cyber security professionals) and he is a member of ‘Cyber Guardians’ invited by the government.

    He is the most skilled malware analyst of the South Korea and he cooperates for preventing cyber terrors with National Intelligence Service, National Police Agency, R.O.K. Cyber Command and many companies.

    He has been actively participating in various security related activities and in year 2012 received a Security Merit Ministerial commendation from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.