Opher Brayer

Founder of Stages Global

    Opher Brayer is a self-made entrepreneur, business mentor, keynote speaker, teacher, former jazz musician and innovator – with hundreds of methodologies to his name.

    He has invested much of his life, and millions of dollars, to discovering how talent can be designed synthetically in the human brain. Contrary to the popular belief that talent is either natural or comes through luck, Opher’s singular methodologies demonstrate that people can systematically develop multi-disciplinary ‘genius’ through talent development, management strategies and personal business relationships.

    Prior to launching STAGES, Opher had a career as a teacher, consultant, trainer and methodology creator. He helped to grow the advanced generation of cyber technology and security for the Israeli army, before going on to play a pivotal role in establishing the country’s startup business environment.

    He has worked with hundreds of leading CEOs and industrialists by helping them to become better leaders, supported companies through mergers and acquisitions, and shared his business expertise as a strategic consultant for companies in Israel and Silicon Valley.

    For two decades, Opher enjoyed a career as a jazz musician and teacher. As the founder of the jazz department of Thelma Yellin High School of the Fine Arts in Israel, he raised an impressive number of local and international world-class professional musicians, using his multi-talent development method. Among his students is internationally renowned pianist Yaron Herman.

    Over his adventurous career, his ability to fuse creativity, flexibility and mathematics has allowed Opher to work on diverse and unique projects worldwide, including:

    Working with Disney to design and create amusement parks rides

    Teaching alongside Professor Ben Gilad, a pioneer of business intelligence theory and founder of the Academy of Business Intelligence in Boston

    Mentoring teens from unprivileged communities to build and run their own startups.

    As the founder and CEO of STAGES, Opher’s goal is now to share his deep knowledge of talent training in business and education with the younger generations. He has been featured in media across the world, including The Huffington Post and is a Ted Talk speaker.

    Opher has worked with the following companies: HP, Microsoft, Osram, Amdocs, Orange, BBDO, NDS, Quintiles, Reckitt Benckiser.
    Opher has been honored by the 9th Annual Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards for his work in developing unique methodologies for cultivating multi-disciplinary talent and potential in students and adults while providing solutions to the demand for exceptional talent in the business world.