Ning Shirakawa

Global Innovation Catalyst & Co-founder at Taktopia & Co.

    Ning Shirakawa is the Global Innovation Catalyst and Co-Founder at Taktopia & Co. Her strategic focus is to help students gain the confidence and skills to innovate. She is also the Co-founder of FutureHack and Native Mind. Powered by Taktopia, FutureHack Innovators Bootcamps are short, intense, team-based, action-learning programs. Students learn practical skills in making, entrepreneurship and innovation.

    Ning has an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Business, and a Bachelors in Economics from Duke University. She is featured in the MIT Bootcamp MOOC, “Entrepreneurship 102: What is your product?” Ning is a keynote speaker on innovation. Her stories have been published by media outlets from around the world.

    Ning is also the Strategic Partnerships Manager Japan for MIT Bootcamps. She engages educational institutions to build capacity in entrepreneurship and innovation.