Lee Kyu-Seong

Director General of Rural Development Administration

    Dr. Kyu-Seong Lee is the Vice Administrator of Rural Development Administration (RDA) in Jeonju, Korea. RDA was established in 1962 to promote national agricultural R&D and technology dissemination that benefit not only farmers but agricultural industry and rural community. RDA is responsible for planning, managing, and evaluating agricultural R&D projects that covers diverse R&D agenda such as conservation of sustainable agricultural environment, practical use of agricultural bio-resources, securing safety of agricultural products, automation and energy-saving operation, development of novel biotechnology, industrialization and value addition in food and agricultural products, and utilization of germplasm.

    Dr. Lee began his career as a research scientist expertized in rice breeding in RDA from 1987 and was awarded for the best outstanding scientist in 2001. He was the first Korean scientist awarded with “Senadhira” that The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), internationally renowned for rice research, confers for remarkable achievement in rice breeding. He has been highly reputed for his study to understand genetic mechanisms in regards to salinity tolerance of Japonica rice type as well as more than 40 rice varieties released while he was engaged. Subsequently, he became a research leader and director for the National Institute of Crop Science.

    For international cooperation, he served as the first director of KOPIA (Korea Program on International Agriculture) center stationed in Cambodia where he was presented “Decoration Award for Agricultural commitment to Cambodia” from the Royal Government of Cambodia in 2011. Being recognized for his international accomplishment, he served as Director General of the Technology Cooperation Bureau, RDA, prior to becoming the Vice Administrator.

    Dr. Lee earned a PhD in plant breeding from the University of the Philippines at Los Banos, Philippines, in 1995.