Jung Jung Min

Vice President of Hi-Tech Business Division at LG CNS

    Vice President, Jung-min Jung
    Since 2017, he has been responsible for LG CNS smart factory solution / implementation. He developed solution/services(FACTOVA) to spread smart factory for LG affiliates. His contribution is to improve productivity / quality in real project implementation.
    For more than 20 years, since joining LG CNS, he has been playing a role of implementing smart factories centering on MES in various industries such as Semiconductor/LCD, Automotive, Electric/Electronic, etc. Above all, he is leading the search and perform for new business/project and has gained many success stories and contributed to them.
    In recent years, in order to find out and spread the intelligent task of smart factory based on ICBMA, he is focusing on identifying and internalizing best practice cases. he was graduated from POSTECH(Pohang University of Science and Technology) with a major in Industrial Engineering and is currently working at LG CNS.