Joachim Son-Forget

Member of the French Parliament

    In his capacity as a member of parliament, the Hon. Joachim Son-Forget represents French citizens living in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and seats at the Foreign Affairs Committee in the National Assembly. As member of the political party La République En Marche, he was elected in June 2017 with nearly 75% of the votes, after campaigning and fundraising from April 2016 for the candidate Emmanuel Macron.

    He is a specialist of international conflicts and defense issues, mainly related to Korean Peninsula, Western Balkans and Syria. He is also the co-president of the think-tank Global Variations, studying the effects of innovation on global governance; it includes the research group “1-flux” using the tools of cognitive science to elaborate policies and new tools of intelligence based on cognitive biases. As a neuroradiologist by profession, he also worked as a political analyst and wrote several articles and a book chapter on Kosovo conflict and statebuilding.

    Joachim Son-Forget holds a MSc in cognitive science from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris as well as a MD from the Université de Lausanne and Swiss Confederation. In 2015, he completed a PhD in neuroscience at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. As as scientist, he worked on consciousness, subliminal perception, virtual reality, and multi-sensory integration.

    Passionate about music from a young age, he is a recognized harpsichordist and recently gave a concert in Lebanon and in Victoria Hall in Geneva. Born in Seoul, he is married to a Korean woman and has two children.