Jason Hsu

Crypto Congressman & Legislator, Taiwan

Jason Hsu is technologist-turned-legislator. He is currently a legislator at-large from Taiwan overseeing technology developments and innovation. Among the crucial legislations he introduced and passed include Fintech Sandbox Act, Self-driving Vehicle Act, Angel Investment Law, Cybersecurity Management Act and Virtual Currency Guidelines. Jason is a proponent for cryptocurrency and blockchain. Known as Crypto Congressman, Jason is credited for setting up Asia Blockchain Alliance (ABA) as a policy and industry platform. Jason also introduces 16 critical areas for blockchain implementations from logistics, medical record, IP transfer to manufacturing supply chain. A regular keynote speaker on blockchain and cryptocurrency regulations, Jason has spoken at Global Blockchain Forum, BlockCity, Seamless, Asian Leadership Conference, Google, Berkeley Blockchain Club and Taiwan RegTech Conference. Jason Hsu co-founded TEDxTaipei and served as TEDx senior ambassador to Asia. Hsu graduates from Singularity University with a focus on exponential technology. He is a Draper Hills Fellow at Stanford University’s Center for Democracy Development and Rule of Law.