Hyun Shin Gyoon

Senior Vice President of LG CNS

    Shin Gyoon Hyun, as a CTO of LG CNS, lead the strengthening of IT professionalism and Digital Transformation as an IT-oriented company.He led the work innovation as the Head of the Work Innovation Group at LG Display for eight years, starting from 2010. He also contributed to building LG Display’s Smart Factory, raising it to the World’s Best standard in the area of development/process/supply mgmt. and business planning/mgmt.Moreover, he successfully performed the A2D(Analog to Digital) task that enhances work efficiency. He was granted “This Year’s CIO” award as he was credited for creating a creative work environment for the employees.

    Before joining LG Display in 2010, he had acquired a diverse range of experience from working at consulting firms such as Accenture, Deloitte and AT Kearney, as well as global firms such as IBM and I2.

    CTO Shin Gyoon Hyun graduated with a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Computational Statistics at Seoul National University. He acquired a doctoral degree (Ph.D) in Statistics at University of Wisconsin-Madison afterwards.