Daniel Zhang

Co-founder of P8 Sustainable Innovation Community, Broad Group

    Diniel Zhang, Social Architect of Broad Sustainable Building, and Co-Founder of Incubator P8 and Bluesky Lab for the past three years, has been dedicated to fusing innovation and sustainability in building communities that serves to cultivate and attract top human resources to the central China region of Hunan, Changsha. Broad Group is one of the most advanced climate friendly air-conditioning, air quality, energy services and sustainable modular building new material company in the world, founded by Zhang Yue, father of Zhang Xianmin since 30 years ago. For Daniel’s passion in sustainability and environment, he has served as member to Club of Rome China Chapter, Bteam and numerous NGOs.

    He is currently excited to initiative the S.CITY Foundation housed in the incredible J57 tower in Broad Town, a 57 floor modular sustainable skyscraper which was built in 19 days, and having been viewed online more than 400 million times. The initiative is to cultivate human resources and attract global talents to the city and the larger region through learning community, sustainable lifestyles and venture capital.

    His architecture work includes the Broad Shanghai World Expo Pavilion in 2010, then graduating from Carnegie Mellon University in 2011, then became visiting scientist to Delhi TERI University and Berlin Free University.