Bae Kyoung Han

Vice President of Korea Smart Factory Foundation

    Bae, Kyoung Han, who is Doctor of Engineering and the Vice President of KOSF(Korea Smart Factory Foundation), planned smart factory program, developed Smart Factory Reference Model at 2014, and founded KOSF at June 2015. Since 2014, he has worked for propagating smart factory systems to SMEs, standardization of smart manufacturing technologies, planning R&D of advanced smart manufacturing technologies, managing test-bed factory for interoperability tests, setting up and managing graduate schools for training specialist of smart factory.

    He started his career at KIDA, and worked at Samsung, Hyundai, KCCI(Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry). Through these enterprises and institute, he did IoT standardization works, ICT related researches and development projects in the area of Optimization, Flexible Manufacturing System, Supply Chain Management and Smart Factory, and published many theses and text books.