Andrew Ngui

Senior Program Manager, MIT Bootcamps

    Andrew Ngui is a designer, strategic innovator and catalyst. He develops human-centered strategies to manage organizational change at scale. Andrew works internationally to build capacity in entrepreneurship, corporate innovation, large-scale infrastructure projects and economic development. A detailed-oriented system creator, Andrew develops systems to catalyze innovation, create impact and see lives changed.

    In his current role as Senior Program Manager, MIT Bootcamps, Andrew is attuned to the needs of the learner, ensuring excellence across all touchpoints along the learner journey. He leads data-driven initiatives in marketing, communication, planning, logistics, and operations management.

    Andrew is a graduate of Stanford’s, Design Thinking Bootcamp, the flagship MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. He holds an Honors in Design from York University and Sheridan College in Toronto, Canada; a specialized design program that blends creativity, innovation, academic rigor and interdisciplinary collaboration. He is also a graduate of the Product & Industrial Design program at the School of Design, Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore.

    Prior to joining MIT, Andrew was a key member of a global innovation team in the transportation sector. In 2014, they launched a new way-finding and signage system for one of North America’s largest transit systems.